Hawkins Sports Soccer School


Chris Burton

Soccer Development School Manager and Co Ordinator.


Lesley Burton

General Secretary & Treasurer


To be advised

Training Coach

Our Soccer School takes place every Saturday morning at our private Sports Ground in Cheslyn Hay, from 9.30am until 10.30am.
For more information contact Chris or Lesley on the following contact numbers: Chris 07791-919766 or Lesley 07969-105588.
Venue: Our Home Ground: Hawkins Sports & Social Club,
Coppice Lane, Cheslyn Hay WS6 7EY


We cater for ages five up to eight in our Soccer school.

Home Colours: Navy & Yellow
Away Colours: Yellow & Navy

Good Luck to all of our teams in the new 2022-2023 season.


Our Club Motto - "Losing is not failure, not trying to win is".

Mini Soccer

The main theme throughout Mini Soccer is to meet the needs of children. Eleven-a-side Association Football does not meet those needs. We need a modified game that fits the needs of the children, too often children are modified to meet the requirements of the game. Mini Soccer modifies Association Football without losing the essence of the game.

Mini Soccer is the appropriate introduction to football. All available research and observation shows that children will have more fun and learn more playing a game with smaller teams and modified rules.

Mini Soccer is therefore, a game children can actually play rather than struggling to understand a game created for adults. If children are to enjoy and take part in soccer they need to:

Feel Success

Take an active part in the game

Learn to play as a team

Understand the Laws

Develop soccer skills

Be able to take part whatever their ability

Develop their fitness

Mini Soccer sets out to meet those needs. It is a game which has been modified from 11-a-side Association Football which keeps all the major features of the game, while allowing children to suceed and take part in something that is still recognisably football.
Mini Soccer recognises the fact that younger children perform better in smaller teams with simple laws. It also sets out to give children fun.